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Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
Ok, these guys don't get as much rep as they should, but i went ahead and ordered some Salloum from them.

They confirmed the order last night, but the Re-Confirmed it this morning, and on the confirmation email I got this,

We just crossed a milestone and are going to send you a free Desi Murli and
afzal shisha as well!!!

Order will go out today!


Free Desi?? I think i just had a heart attack.
Hey Zen, check your email for damn good stuff.

Free DM? That is about the best reason ever to give someone your business. As for Salloum i'd have to say that the Bahreny they make is the best apple around because it's realistic with a slight anise taste in the background, a little bit floral and wonderful smoke texture. It can't be beat and it's cheap.
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