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Default Re: Hookah Horror Stories

Rofl good story bru!

I have a couple myself. I have a friend who back then wasn't that good of a friend I barely met him. Something or another happend that the hookah got pulled down. The coals were flying at him and he caught em in his hand and held em for a second or two dropped them. People started panicking. I am renown for my clutchness and lack of the ability to panic lol. I quickly take all of the coals off the carpet as people stare at my hookah and look stupid lol. Only huge burn marks remain

There was another time when I was smoking and my hose got trapped behind me and i go to sit town sends my hookah to the floor again. Once again being clutch I just popped the stem off and poured the base water all over the coals, no carpet damage there.

I have broken 1 bowl and it was when I was cleaning my stem and my harm hit it and it rolled off the counter and shattered.
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