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Default Re: MYA Hookah

Well to answer your question asking people is a certian hookah is good/ smokes great/ etc, you are going to get a handful of people singing it's praises, and you are going to get a handful saying it's junk.

Read the reviews. Some mya's are great, and some mya's are garbage.

The new soft glass they have been using i have "heard" having breakage issues.

I have a mya qt, and a ruby red glass mya presently.
I have owned the arylic, and the orb.

I loved my acrylic and my qt when i was learning, as a beginner rig.
I hated my mya orb, and use my ruby red glass maybe 15% of the time.

Now, i love my stargate which with most of the community hates.

It's all about prefrence, and jumping in feet first and seeing what your personal smoking style is like.

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