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My experience and that of a lot of people that I know is that Mya makes junk. I've owned a bunch going from QTs to the multi-hundred dollar models and not one of them lasted over a year with semi-regular use. I don't put my rigs to any great tests but I do expect them to perform well when used a couple of times a week.

Obviously they build them by the millions with slave labour and since a lot people like them clearly some of them have to be decent. Still, i've had to many stripped/shattered vases, bent/unthreadable downstems and seals that fail and mainstems that rust to ever buy another another one.

I'll stick by my view that Mya is crap as will literally dozens of narghile fans i've known.

Originally Posted by ************* View Post
c'mon hajo, that's not true. there is alot of cheap chinese junk out there but not MYA's. if you want to compare it to an mz or km you're comparing apples to oranges. how come your would break or not last within a year? also, there are a lot of fake mya's on the market too.
finally, i may agree mya's are not meant to take a beating but you don't need to be too abusive to your hookah.
I definaetly think a mya should be part of ever hookah enthusiasts collection.
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