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Default Re: So iam looking to open a hookah lounge?

Also- We're not trying to make you dislike us. We're trying to give you honest opinions on the hookah market as we see it.

big but honestly...- going in with 5 co owners is probably not the best ideal. The reason why, is there a 5 different people trying to run the place, and 5 different people who will want their hands on the cash.
Take this into consideration. Would you move in to a house with these 5 people? Will their habits drive you crazy? Do they run a "tidy" house? How are their finances and money skills? How about decision making skills? How about handling things under financial pressure? Are they party animals that don't know when enough is enough? Will they respect your decisions and not go behind your back? If one or 4 lose their jobs will you be able to swing the bills in this economic decline?

If you are un sure. Walk away now. The reason I say this, even though it's not a bar, I have several friends who are like brothers to me. My fiance and I were about to buy a house with 3 other people to make sure everyone would live comfortably *my fiance and I finance the house, they pay rent to us*..... long story short is, even though they are STILL like my brothers and I love them all dearly. I'd kill them. I stepped back and saw it would not work, because of all the formentioned reasons.

If you are serious and still want to head fourth, i wish you luck. The local bars around here serve middle eastern cuisine. They sell alcohol, and hookahs. Hookahs are 10-20 dollars depending on tobacco and base. They have happy hour until 7 w/ half priced hookah and alcohol. They also have belly dancers and live music on certian nights.

Also, ambiance is a great thing too. don't over look it. and a killer name and location. got to have that.

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