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Default Re: Re-Flavoring Zona

SOunds like you i'll get just what you are expecting to get. Just be sure to use both food flavourings and esscences. The flavouring has both taste and smell but the smell aint strong enoung so you need to use both. I got great results with these and the flavour was REALLY chocholate but after smoking it once, its just too shalow.
You 've probably worked with glycerin before but i have to warn you again. Too litle glycering and you wont get much smoke. A bit too much and you 'll get a soappy feeling in your mouth and less taste. It's really a hit or miss.
EDIT : Forgot to tell you. If you gonna use honey make sure its not more than a couple of pea-sized drops per 50g. otherwise it gets too sticky and will never heat up to produce good smoke. Plus when you finish you 'll get a black-burnt-shisha-ball stuck to your bowl.


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