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i can almost garentee that in time the other place will completely be run down, not because of the people that maintain it but because of the people that own it..

with tht being said, i am glad that from the beginning tht i mentioned NO ONE should be a retailer, wholesaler, etc, and be in charge of running an online forum. while smiley is a great guy, (well i thought so at the time, I haven't talked to him for awhile), i mentioned he shouldnt be a mod.. it just makes drama. they try to push their products, and ban other competitors and things go crazy. well anyway, to get to the point, there has been little to no drama around here. this is a great place, and i predict in the future it will become a much bigger organization when so called other places fail.

Note: I tried leaving out names as much as possible. You can fill in the blanks