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Default Re: Hookah Horror Stories

One time we were driving in the car smoking hookah and Im holding the hookah in my lap, got three new coals on there, way hot and my friend is driving all fine, well we went through a construction area and it was night out, he hit a pothole and all the coals popped up and two landed in the tray but one went A little higher then the others and landed on the back of my hand, I went OH SHIT HOT! and flung my hand, and it landed in the back on my girl frinds thigh (she was wearing short shorts lol) and she goes OMG HOT! and flings it off her thigh, it lands under the passenger seat on the carpet and it took me like thirty seconds to get it out from under there with the tongs haha. it was bad. but the funniest part was just yesterday I was helping him detail the car and I take out the seats cuz we are going to replace the carpet, and under the passenger seat is a hole that burned through the carpet, and down into the sound deadning material. I just started laughing and was like hey! remember that one time..... haha

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