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Default Re: Having Shisha shipped to Australia

Originally Posted by wolfstar View Post
Ok here's the deal in getting it in to Aus. You are allowed 250g per package without a problem, any more is charged $300 + GST on every 1kg. I had a couple of kg's caught and it had to get sent back or I'd have been charged nearly $1000 but I've also had 1kg opened and let through so alot depends on the one who opens to inspect it. There's about a 70% chance of them being opened as the dogs pick up on anything organic so it's not worth the risk and I get mine shipped in 250g lots to be sure I get it, while it costs more in shipping it's not so bad if you get other things with it like coals etc and even with shipping it's still cheaper than Bar & Hookah when you add shipping to their prices.
Oh man, I am in for a major sting

1.6kg of shisha coming with my order from have known better, haha. Stupid 3am impulse shopping...

I left a message with my order to let me know of any issues with shipping to aus before shipping..a week now until I find out what's going to happen!
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