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Default Re: hate to say it, but im sick of Starbuzz.

Originally Posted by 1stGenRex View Post
I was told it tasted a lot like the Trolli Peach rings, and thats why I got it.

That being said, I like starbuzz. I cant say i LOVE it because I buy other shisha as well ( more than 75% of what I have on hand is AF) but I dont mind the price. Complaining about the price is really pointless IMO because at a $20 average, people still buy it, so the price wont drop :P That being said however, I DO with she 100G containers were more readily available
i dont think people complain to get the price to drop...they complain because they dont feel its worth the money and can get something better for cheaper. i dont think anyone is really demanding a price drop
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