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Default Re: So iam looking to open a hookah lounge?

I'm sure you have looked at your surrounding area and made sure there was not a huge competition. It would be terribly hard to open a place and try to get customers when some people become loyal to a certain lounge. That being said, I would suggest you start by offering a good range of flavors, brands and food. The thing I think would yield the most profits are foods and drinks that are simple and fast to serve.

Another thing to take into consideration, since you are close to a college, offer an open mic. night to have people go in there and play their music. This would be good for word of mouth ("hey guys come watch me play at so and so's lounge, I'll be playing there wed. night").

DEFINITELY do a lot of research as far as demand. a cool area with maybe some free wi-fi for customers would be great IMO and definitely change the music up every once in a while.

My experience with lounges is that the atmosphere is important, but having clean hookahs is just as important. I went to this place where everyone was getting chunks through their hose, and we stopped going there.

The place we DID go to more often had an indoor/outdoor area and they offered food.

I hope this helps
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