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Default Best Hookah sesion?

Hey guys havent seen a thread around about this yet, so I decided to make one.
What is the best hookah sesion you have ever had?
why was it so great?

heres mine:
My best hookah session was a couple nights ago, I bought a hookah, and some watermelon al waha (I still think it was to sweet). But what made it great was me and my best friend marc, along with my sister and one of her friends all just went and hung out at this park at 11 at night and hung out smoked hookah and talked.
I think it was the best session just cuz I was with people I liked, and I was using my new hookah
plus it showed me my sister actually is pretty cool to hang out with, and now we are tighter.
Also it was my best friends first time smoking hookah.
so guys now its your turn!
post up!
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