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Default Broken KM base :(

To start off, in my **measely** defense, the seal between the base and stem of my KM was REALLY REALLY effin tight. So carrying it by the stem (even with water in the base) didn't bother me and the two NEVER separated...

So on Thursday night, less than a week after purchase, i was carrying my hookah to my car to go have a smoke session at a friends house and right after picking it up by the stem, the base slipped off and smashed! sad day
I definately kicked myself bcz carrying a hookah by the stem is ALWAYS a no no, i know that, but i was an idiot, granted.

Thankfully though, i have an awesome older brother, and he went out last night and bought me a new one. an identical base thankfully, cause the blue base w/ silver accents dont really look as aesthetically pleasing w/ the green insert on the stem that the clear base w/ gold accent.

Lol and in the process we also picked up a 4 hose chinese hookah w/ a rotating base and LED's under the base (which i will review momentarily).

I WAS very sad, but am happy now ^_^

Anyone else have a mental lapse and either drop, or drop AND smash, the base to their hookah??
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