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Default Re: Sensible Smoking

I have also found out that if you have LBP (Low blood pressure) it makes you extremely susceptiable (sp it's late) to these kinds of aches and pains. I found out the other day that I have LBP I had some severe episodes after I smoked. (I also have episodes when I'm not smoking, so both incidents kinda made me weary and I talked to a Dr.)

Now I have always hated buzzes, and stop smoking if I feel dizzy or light headed. I smoke slowly, and don't really cloud. When I stand up, I get super dizzy. I get dizzy if I stand up fast when not smoking as well. But it would compound it. Even hours later I would take a shower an hour later and the room would spin uncontrollably and get bad vertigo. It makes my migraines 10X worse than they normally would be, and they make my heart race like it wants to skip beats in order to catch up. Buzzes are actually painful due to the LBP.

Now. I'm saying these things because I have pin pointed what happens to me and when and know that I have been told that I have LBP, I can't STRESS to you guys enough to def. smoke sensibly. Trust your body. I thought I was 100% ok with just needing to chill off the hookah even more than I had. So if you are smoking SENSIBLY,and still have problems, i'd suggest getting checked out by a doctor. I would have never known.

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