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First off, I got a chuckle from the ethnographic confusion shown in the name "ThorsHookah" so thanks for that.

Anyway, both KM and MZ are very successful Egyptian brands that make high quality rigs. The other big forms that I know of are El Ashrey & Shisha king. I don't really think that a lot differences exists between the better Egyptian marques although some think that MZ has somewhat cleaner looking welds and better finishes although I don't see it personally. I think that KM has better glass in that it's thicker, denser and less likely to have air bubbles but many people don't think they differ in terms of glass. In the end all of those brands are great so just with what you like the most.

As to the Black Magic Syrian I will guarantee it to be a top quality item. The smoke chamber, down-shaft, main-shaft and hose port are as good as anything you can buy at any price. In my opinion that style of Syrian (no matter the finish style) is better then any thing in terms of function and longevity.
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