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Originally Posted by ThorsHookah View Post
Where is a good place to get a KM, what KM is most valuable, best, or just the one that is a cream dream. what are you people looking for in a good hookah, is it look, smoke thickness/size, hight, weight... what makes a hookah better than the other. I usually look for presentation, then how much smoke i can get then the pull/draw of the pipe. ive been smoking for about 2 years now and know own several. for a long time ive only used my mya bohemian with a small phunnle and some tangiers. the main thing i want to know is what makes a hookah good and what makes it bad, in your own opinion, or is there a science to it?
Lets cover the basics of what makes a narghile good

1) How rugged is it. When you buy a narghile keep in mind that you will spend several hundred bucks on coals and shisha within the first year so don't skimp on the rig itself if you want to get some enjoyment out of it. A decent narghile should be something can give to your grandkids in good working order and if it lasts less then 5 years it's a POS. What you want is something made entirely or mostly out of brass with stainless steel making up the rest. A decent rig should be heavy, the heavier the better. If it weighs 3 or 4 pounds itís a POS at least 95% of the time.

2) You want something that you can clean easily. Having soak for an hour or so a couple of time a week for next ten + years is what you want. It should have smooth interiors so as not to catch coal dust and be easy to deodorize.

3) It should smoke well and that means:
A) having a wide, free flowing main stem, down stem and well made smoke chamber which flows freely to the hose port.
B) A large, enclosed smoke chamber allowing the smoke condense. Syrian rigs have the best smoke chambers around in this respect and a 4 hole inlet allowing for easy movement of the smoke from the vase.
C) Cool smoke with an easy drawl. This is mainly a matter of the height of the rig. If a rig is under 22-26" you can expect harsh, hot smoke. If a rig is 40+Ē you can expect a hard drawl which make for a less pleasant session.
4) The glass need to be rugged and that means it must be well made and dense. Bohemian crystal is best as itís leaded and very strong. If you canít get Bohemian crystal what you want is something very thick with no air bubbles or a lack of uniformity of thickness.
5) The hose needs to be: easily bent, comfortable to hold, a wide mouth to give an easy draw and it must be easy to clean and able to be soaked for prolonged periods.
6) Fit. If a narghile is going to work well everything needs to fit together tightly leaving no air leaks. It has to be able to do so after being set up and taken down literally a thousand or more times.

I'll answer the other questions when I have the time if want me to.
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