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I don't know how you set up your rig or what Syrians you use but I have 3 different J & R Syrians and they all have effortless draw. I've never heard that complain from anyone and since i've been smoking for decades so the idea that common chambers have a problem with draw is about as unlikely as the Pope embracing Hagee style fundamentalism.

It is true that they don't purge as well as an uncommon chamber but purging is still o.k.

As to cleaning you soak and rise as you would anything else. You know it's clean by sucking on the hose port and seeing if you get any taste or not.

The Black magic is like all of that style of narghiles in that the main stem breaks down in to 2 or 3 pieces and the down stem can be taken off the smoke chamber which makes cleaning far easier then anything I've ever owned.
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