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Default Re: Tell Your Story of how you fell in love

3 years ago, my friends brought me to a local hookah bar here in jersey (before the anti smoking laws .... grrr). While we were there, we tried mango, i believe. it was awesome. i had been smoking cigars for several years prior and the difference in taste and smoothness were addicting (although i never gave up my love of cigars).

about a week after going to that lounge, i started working on my first homemade hookah, building it out of some pipes, a shot glass, a decanter, and cork. it worked well. a couple months later, a cousin of mine found out i enjoy hookah and he sent me one that he had picked up in qatar. he also sent over some af strawberry, double apple, and mint. from there, it's been love ever since. i've smoked on and off, but always fully enjoy it!
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