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honestly mush dont try to start shit. i got over it and amazing to see you come over here and try something new. you came onto the chat this site and just waited there for me to say something, chances are you where fishing for information of me being an asshole to you. while i dont blame you for looking for more stuff to discredit me but in all seriousness stop i dont care about my credability there very much because people saw the real me, i am fairly transparent and if i dont like you and you do something i stand against there is a chance i will bump heads with you depending how you act. the mods here are cool and down to earth so chances are i wont start up stuff. the fact you banned someone else for basically no reason just made me laugh (not me by the way nor pyh). also the fact you are banning basically some of my supporters is even more hilarious i say.

if/when you post the chat logs people will get to see the partially angry me which wasnt me at my best times. people who knew me in chat knew how easy going i was and i was the same way in the forums. also i may possibly (chances are not) come back to confirm the chat logs when you post them. i wouldnt want lies of myself to go up but if its what really went on i will confirm it and show how much of an asshole i was to you. did we talk shit about the moderators in the chat? sure but thats what happens when your a person in power on anything, you and the other moderators are a target of hate generally and if you take it personally and you cant deal with that without doing something such as getting ban happy you seriously should resign from being a moderator.

people tell me you used to be a cool down to earth guy before you where a moderator and i believe that, you seemed easy going at times in chat but you always got your game face on at times but its just too serious bro, you dont need to censor people so much at times if they go off topic as thats how forums are, we may go on a tangent about movies for 5-10 posts but we generally go back on topic. the fact you made the topic of "this is not a democracy" did not put you in a very good light at the time and anyone who see's it today wont either.

ill try to give you a few hints because while you may have been a moderator for so long i have been on all the sides of being a moderator, administrator and just a regular user of forums. on another site i have been a moderator of the site since soon after i joined it and i joined that one a little before you joined that forum. i was the most active mod on the site basically in its history and got an anniversary gift every year so far. i started by helping people out, then i got a bit big headed for a while because there whre a lot of the same old posts over and over just like on your forum so i got tired and became mean just like yourself. only difference was that once i saw how i changed when i was in power the same how you changed when you got power i actually tried to change my image on the site. i was and still am one of the most liked moderators of the site becuse i came in from nothing, was very humble to start and corrected my errors as time passed and got it on big with the site. somewhat of a similarity between us to there and i was basically the guy on the front lines for any customer support as it was a pay site and told people to wait, the admin would be with them soon and so on and kept my cool almost always and you own a hookah bar so customer support there, an abstract similarity between us there. now this may piss you off i tried to show some similartys between us because you think we are nothing alike.

well really i said what i wanted to say really and tried to stay as neutral as possible in it. now please go back to your place and ill stay out here. it may not be as large but the quality of the people make up for the quantity. good day mate and i wish you a good life. again i will try not to bug you on your site ever again except to confirm/deny the chat logs as truth possibly.

anyways sorry for bringing this up on the site, im just breaking rules left and right today. honestly i wasnt going to bring it up on the forums again but low and behold here is mushrat trying to start something. i got my final words on the issue out for him to possibly read and i hope he takes it and leaves.