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Originally Posted by Huskysibe
Originally Posted by Mushrat
Hi sam, this is *edit* from *edit*. Nice to see you still allow the slamfest.

I also enjoyed the one sided "we are all victims."

I'm kinda happy you all came over here. But look out, you piss off Boom there and he will come back over and over to cause trouble..

I'm also glad to see its ok for your posts HERE to be edited but not at *edited*. Nice to see you didn't read the rules and posting guidlines before posting here as well.

Good luck Sam!
Real grown up Mushrat. I thought you didnt want to come back here ever? Please dont come here looking for trouble, we dont want it. The drama needs to be left at the door and we made that clear with the addition of some new members. Do people vent? You bet. Do we try and keep it in check and within the guidlines of the rules? You bet. But we dont need someone coming in here throwing mud and then running away giggling either.
Well said Husky.
Tangiers =