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Default Re: Tell Your Story of how you fell in love

Temecula, California / April 10, 2007
Sailors Wife and I had gotten married, and the next day she wanted to take me to a hookah bar. I was very hesitant and kinda showing contempt towards being dragged to go smoke, because at the time I hated the idea of smoking. She dragged me the something "Rose" and put me infront of a fire pit and left to get the hookah. I just remember looking at it pissed off and not willing to try, but after Sailors Wife took a few drags and talked about the flavor of Kiwi-Strawberry, my mind rolled with "I-I-I like Kiwi..". I took the hose from her and took my first hit, it was delicious and extremely delightful. Right then and there I found the second love of my life. Sailors Wife still brags to this day about it was her doing that gave me this hobby. lol

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