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In response to Mushrat I have the following statement to make:

In the past when you came here to cause trouble in the forums or chat I bit my tongue and kept quite but this latest episode has me genuinely angry so I will respond to you this time with as much control as I can muster.

Seeing you selectively apply the rules to ban people as well as seeing you ban people who did nothing what so ever in violation of the rules has proved you to be petty and someone that delights in having the ability to antagonize and control what others can and can’t say. Certainly such behavior proves you a sad, squalid little man and your motto “ Who says you have to LIKE me?” as well as your periodic desire to force yourself upon this forum demonstrates that you revel in annoyance which proves you sad, pitiable and repellant at the same time.

The shabby treatment you have inflicted upon others so often before while spewing forth the pablum about “this is not a democracy” or “or I don’t owe anyone an explanation for my behavior” and “if you don’t like it leave” have demonstrated that you know your actions are indefensible. Those who can defend their positions do so while those that can’t belch bromides like the ones above while refusing others the chance to respond.

Yet such behavior is totally unremarkable compared to the PYH affair because not only did you ban someone who did nothing to violate any rule you also repeatedly implied that his business ethics were abhorrent at best and possibly illegal. In numerous instances you defamed the man while hazily claiming you had some greater knowledge you couldn’t divulge and in doing so you requested, and got, the trust of a lot of people that your action had far more justification then you could discuss publicly.

Yet in the end, it has become incontrovertible that those who trusted your judgement and believed malicious implications were wrong. Instead, it has been demonstrated repeatedly that PYH was banned because Hookah Kings wanted him gone, because he undersold them fairly and honestly. Obviously, the stated rules had nothing to do with it and all of your innuendoes about abhorrent/ illegal business practices were merely lies told to justify your vile behavior. Your conduct in this matter proves you are beneath my contempt and an utter failure as a human being.