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I didn't bother to read much of this, but enough to get the idea. I find the outrage by many of you to be hypocritical and laughable at best.

So it's ok for some of you to go to *edit* and cause drama and disruption but you object to someone doing it here? Boomhauer, makeing 4 different accounts after being banned and posting a picture comparing me to hitler, mousalini, and a few other genocidal types, along with "seig heil mushrat" is ok over there, but over here you are all concerned with keeping the peace and being all warm and fuzzy? Please.

And you hookahetc, or i mean jimmy, you created 3 or 4 accounts to get around the forum rules after being banned for continually breaking them, and you object to one post by me?

This place is actually a fien collection of people who are causing problems at *edit* and then run back here and put on the halo's.
Oh, BTW billy, I spoke with your wife, the one in med school who never gets on the computer in chat last night/early this morning.

I'd say MOST of you deserve each other. And Sam, if they think its ok to disrupt *edit* when they don't get their way, better look out if YOU ever have to do something about them here...don't say you weren't warned.

I'll be going now...