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Hmm, odd man, they were more than happy to help me out, and offered anything they could to me to please me. Maybe they have new employees there now? I have no idea, but they never denied me of anything i asked for, they even gave me overnight shipping, I got it the morning after i spoke to them. The times i called i got Hussam and I can't remember the other guys name.

Also I have the same vase that sambooka reviews in the 40 inch colossus review and the thing is thick as ever, i really can't believe how thick it is, also i get unreal clouds with quick short pulls with my razan hose. I guess everyone has diff. experiences, diff results, and will have a diff. outcome, I am sad to hear some of you had terrible luck with mya CS cuz I have had the complete opposite.

Also about the acrylic I know of many people who have them and in hookah bars as well and have no issues what so ever. Maybe you got a faulty one?! I dunno man
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