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Default I think it is time....Again!?

well.... emmm...i just orderd a mya paragon from i wont get it till Wednesday, or Wotan's/Odin's day. I keep hearing so much about Syrians and how they are really good. as you might know i own a Syrian glyph and its aiiite, i think my Mya pyramid is way better but i think my syrian is messed up i need to learn how to post a pic and i will show you this thing. I think i will oder a Syrian from soon, but i dont know which to get, i like the look of the black a lot but is that worth the 20 bones should i get a 26" or a 29"... what about the multiple hoses, do they work well, does it have auto seal. I want to get a top notch piece, i thought i was getting a good one with the paragon but it seems like that is kids play compared to you aficionados. its been two years and the last year i have been a small tangiers phunnle with my myas and tangiers only kind of guy, i feel like i am a noob at the this because i havent used a traditional clay bowl for over a year conclude i would like to know what syrian is the best for the money, is the black magic is the same as the 26 syrian then its all just looks and i will accept that. no offence to the KM and MZ crowd, i just think syrians look far better, but the tri metel is a good smoker i must say.

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