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Default Is this a good choice?

I've been introduced to Hookah through a friend a little while back, and I've been meaning to get my own. I have some graduation money to burn, and while most of it is going towards further restoring and tweaking my '87 535i, I've reserved around $100-150 for a Hookah and some of the essentials to get me started. A friend sent me to Sahara Smoke as he had a good experience with them. They seem to have a good reputation here as well. I had my sights set one of these in red

I chose the Legend mainly because I liked the way it looked. The three hoses are an added convenience, but not totally necessary. There doesn't seem to be much info on the boards about this particular model, but it seems to fit the requirements for a good product.

However, browsing the forums I see "KM" and "Mya" thrown around, along with "MZ". These are manufacturers, correct? From what I've gathered they seem to be fairly high quality. Would it be wiser to go with one of the above brands with my money? Or would the difference be negligible?
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