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Default Re: Re-Flavoring Zona

self-admited you haven't smoked the tobacco and no i have never said everyone loves it..i would say 8 out of 10 people truly enjoy my tobacco and if you have ever spoken with me you would know I listen to the comments and reviews and try to fix and work on every aspect of my tobacco to make it instead of attacking someone you know nothing about, why don't you write me an email or call me and we can talk
please write away, maybe you could actually try my tobacco before you make a decision on it..anyways..i find that anyone who has these types of thoughts before they some my tobacco won't even give it a fair try but will smoke 15 bowls of tangiers to get it perfect..let me state clearly..i love tangiers completely, but he obviously gets a grain of salt where i don' i am not attacking tangiers at all..i think that tobacco is great..i am just comparing first impressions..someone will smoke mine once and never give it a fair try again..
we have been working on flavor for months and tweaking flavors as per reviews and comments to make it stronger...and i would like anyone to contact me direct if you have a question or concern about the tobacco...
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