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Well in all honesty this needs to stop. as you can see you are not welcome here and as for any thing else we donít want drama caused from you on our posts since you are not a mod here you have no power what so ever so get the message and leave because we donít believe in banning people for no reason, and we at pro are not the liars... you are just like the government hide shit so no ones sees the truth so let that be.

And as for harassing my wife in chat on hookah pro (gsxr girl) that was uncalled for. Two I just received a email from hookah princess saying that she is my new wifeÖ this is sad..

What I have planned for the market is in the works, and itís not ready for it.

So MR. Mushrat have a good day and stop trying to cause drama on foreign soilÖ wow just like I Nazis