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Default Re: Welcome one welcome all

Originally Posted by Mushrat
actually, you'll notice Sam DOES edit threads and posts, just check out "new home". And locks ones he doesn't like, just like at *edit*
Yes, you are absolutely right, I do make edits, to coincide with the rules of the forum. So far nobody has a problem with that, and they completely understand. It is justified. They have even apologized. But I can understand their frustration ... in all of those instances. The only time we really have to make any edits, is when an outsider from another forum comes in and tries to stir up confrontations.

And Yes, I will lock threads too. Especially when they go off topic and members are being baited into arguments, conflict, unpleasantness, and most of all ill feelings within the forum caused by an outsider looking to stir up trouble.


Get this thread back on topic ladies and gents Much thanks
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