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Default Re: buying clearance hookahs?

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
Lets be realistic here for a minute. If you are just an occasional smoker forget buying your own rig and go to a cafe to smoke once or twice a month.

If you plan on smoking regularly note that within a year you'll spend a few hundred on shisha and coals. In order to enjoy smoking you need a good narghile and Sahara doesn't exactly have a brilliant reputation when it comes to stems so while you can make just about anything work the real question is if you get a mediocre or great sessions. If you are buying something that has defects expect the rig to not last out the year.

If you stop and think about it you can get a great narghile for 100 that will last you a lot of years, look great and give fantastic sessions. Or you can spend 50 for something that while decent is far from great that will likely be ready for the rubbish bin in less then a year.

Think we are looking at a fools economy in the latter case.
yeah i guess you're right.

I'll start saving my money up for a better one and probably go to ******* Hookah for it.

Thanks for the forewarning. you've opened my eyes

lawlz jk. but yeah i'll definitely be getting a new one instead.

******* Hookah FTW!!
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