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Default Re: Silver Flint Coals

Originally Posted by swawesome View Post
Just bought some Silver Flint coals off of hookah-shisha cause they were on sale. Just wondering if anyone's ever tried them and what they think of em. I'll post later to say how I like them.
I ordered those a while ago and I am glad I only got the single box. They suck. They are "semi-quicklight" which means they need to be lit on a stove and take a little while. They are coated in a silver paint that gets absolutely everywhere and tastes terrible if it is still on the coal when you are smoking.

My biggest complaint is that they fall apart ever single time I use them. They fragment into layers and shatter easily. Be careful with them. I have had a lot of mishaps with them. Don't ash them.

they are not so terrible that they will not be use but I will not be ordering them again. There is a reason they are so cheap.
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