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Default My first order from hookah-shisha DONE!

hello peple, so now im broke, just but down a order from for 700 bucks...including 2 new hookas, wind covers, shisha and plenty of it, new hoses everything that any one could ever need.

bought 2 Mya hookahs. i know what u think MYa sux and everything but i read diffrent and wanna try them out. orderd one Mya Dionysus and one mya paragon.

a red wood hose, a ba bakir hose and some hose covers for them. 2 tai wind covers aswell.

as for shisha, i got 3 packs of roman cinnamon, 2 packs of roman vanilla and 2 packs of kiwi. my frien orderd some f* up flavors aswell.

So i will get my new gear in about 10 days and i will present u with some pics then..

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