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Default Swift_Lite QLs WTF ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Ok there is something really wrong with these coals. Honestly, Im not sure if it is a possible lack of experience with QLs or if there is a problem but this is all a first for me.

When the coals were lit and I was walking them toward the hookah, a strong smell of ammonia hit me; I put the coals as close to my nose as I could and took a whiff, almost floored me. In Strongman we use smelling salts to get pumped for a hard lift so I am pretty formilar. Hit me just like that.

Halfway though smoking (I have no idea why I talked myself into that being ok) I decided to throw the coal in water to put them out. An extremely heavy smell of sulfur filled my living room. Enough to make two people choke and cough in a 30X40 foot room.

[FONT=&quot]Is that normal[/FONT]
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