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Default Re: story time for today..

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
Damn, it sounds like your wife had to put with real shithead. Saying that narghiles are part of Israeli society is a bit like a German claiming that hot dogs and MTV are part of German society, retarded. In any case, the story about people choking to death is the wackiest bunch of crap i've heard in sometime.
I laughed at this...but I agree, thats just plain stupid

Originally Posted by Scoop View Post
the guy sounds a like douche bag...talking during exhaling kills people? ... sounds like a bunch of bullshit. there would be a huge epidemic of druggies and cigar smokers dieing from this and im sure you would have heard about it and its not isolated to israel...


I do this while smoking cigarettes too ( I have cut down a LOT, I went from smoking a pack a day about a month ago, to smoking 1-2 cigarettes every 2 days, but I digress) and I'm not least I dont think so LOL
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