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Default Worth a shot

My supplies had started to run low and did not have time to wait for a mail order. On my way home i decided to take a chance and stopped by a local Arabic grocery shop. As Nashville has a huge Kurdish population i figured "what the hell". Man oh man was i ever happy i did!

The guy had loads of Al Fakher and Nakhla. Prices were pretty much what i would have paid online and no shipping WooHoo.

I still am a firm believe in ordering online, i have never seen any place that carries as much sheesha as i can find online. But hey If your in a rush and can't wait till the UPS guys gets to your house, local Arabic shops are a good place.

I would have been even happier had he carried Al Waha or Havana or some of the other brands as well but still! I ended up with a local shop to buy sheesha from.

Oh wait just a sec i just checked online and i seem to have gotten a better deal.

I bought Al Fakher Orange (250 gram tub) for $7.99 and Nakhla Mint (250gram) for $5.99

Thats even cheaper than the online store i use.

I really need to talk this guy into carrying more flavors too.

Sorry to go on and on but this is pretty big news for me. Its the only place that i have found that carries product local.

We have a couple of bars around here but they are in really bad parts of town (bad as in traffic). the closest to me is really close (as in less than a mile) and it is a very nice little place. Lizzies grill, and they have some awsome food but only 3 puny flavors to choose from. I started smoking hookah for the flavor so 3 just dont make me happy, know what i mean

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