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Default Re: Does size really matter?

Indeed, 28-32" is the sweet spot. At 32" the bases used are the biggest on the market, so its the maximum amount of smoke you can have. The difference of a longer stem is minor and outscored by the ease of maintenance and portability of the 30" hookah compared to a 36" +.
28" to 32" is what i recommend to anyone looking for a rig closer to prefection. This is why KMs and MZ are the best alround hookahs. They stand between 28-35" inch with large bases and wide stems.
If you dont really care spending time for maintenance and cleaning a large mya is as good.
HOokahs dont need to be from a brand to be top notch. Any well constracted hookah between 28-32" will smoke the same even if its dirt cheap or $200

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