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Default Re: Tangiers Lucid is here..

Look guys, if I'd have known this topic was going to turn into a pissing match I would have locked it when it was first posted as an announcement.

The simple fact is that there are people that think that Tangiers is the greatest thing since the invention of the wheel, and there are certain people who have wasted good money for a shisha they couldn't get to smoke right (not necessarily their fault either). It's all a matter of a persons experience with Tangiers. I can say honestly that I have never seen a product more fiercely defended and endlessly touted as Tangiers. There is a group of people who are super fans of Tangiers. There is also a group of people who dislike Tangiers intensely. Somewhere in between a majority of people fall. Please, for crying out loud can we stop the BS about this brand? It gets old fast hearing people constantly argue, defend, and attack over 1 brand of shisha. Enough already.
Tangiers =
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