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Originally Posted by cymptom View Post

Reaper: It sounds like a vaccum activated heat coil system would be the most effective alternative means of heating the tobacco. It might be too much trouble for someone to make such a contraption themselves, but once someone simplifies it into a marketable product, they'll probably make a lot of money off of it.
The other thing that was nice about it was the ability to manually turn down the heat of the coil via knob.

I think if I could create a coil that would generate the amount of heat that a coal puts off (correct me if I'm wrong but something like 300-400*f ?) then it would be plausible. Only problem is using it when outdoors as I'm pretty sure I'd need to use a normal house electricity outlet. Unless I created a battery powered one that could be solar powered.

In the end, I think it would be easier to use a coal.
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