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Default Re: Does size really matter?

I own a collosus. I can smoke it either as a 40" or a 26". Same base, same hose same everything. But i never tried smoking the same bowl with both configs for direect comparions. There defenately is a difference but its not noticable unless your looking for it cz the base is also the same.
Also bigger hookah aint just the stem. Usually bigger hookahs have bigger bases and wider tubing. My 22" doesnt have as wide stem as my 28" or the collosus. Also the bsae holds about 1/3 of the water.
I 've been smoking for the last 4 years everyday and i 've build some impressions. the might be wrong but thats what i learned over the years. I now own 7 or 8 hookahs (from a 7" handheld to a 40" collosus) and i really believe there is difference between heights unless you have an absolutelty perfect bowl and shisha with perfect heat managment (almost impossible).
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