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Default grimey hookah

so last time i smoked about a week maybe, i left my hookah as is.
got lazy and didnt bother to clean it....
when i went today in my hookah room haha (an empty room in my basement which i keep all my stuff) i noticed the atrocities i commited to my KM

there was juice/molasses all over the ash tray and running down everywhere.
so i decided to clean it.... btw i kept all the water in.... stupid me!
when i pulled out the stem
there were what looked like bumps on the stem, i thought dirty stagnant water probably made mold grow on my was bumpy and slimy and sooooo gross
i cleaned all this off and scrubbed but there are those same bump things in the base of my cleaning brush cant reach it and i dont wanna smoke till i throughly clean my hookah...

whats the best method you all reccomend to clean my hookah and get out these bumps/mold areas

should i use beer like in sambookas video or what

i already tried soap and water but it doesnt work

and its so gross looking at it so i definetly cant smoke it till i clean it or ill vomit thinking that its still in there( i have a weak stomach)
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