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Hey guys I've noticed that a smell impression can be the difference in a friend trying hookah with you or not wanting to try it ... i was wondering what flavors if any you use to try to gvie of a good impression to friends that you think will like hookah (by all means i would never force anyone into trying... but i know when some people smell certain flavors they have to try...) Also what brand would you suggest starting anew person on...

I prefer to start a friend thats new to hookah on something like Hookah hookah, because its a cheaper tobacco, and its got some decent flavors that arent too overpowering, and the nic isnt too bad so they wont get sick

A couple of the flavors i use to entice are:
Hookah Hookah - Pina Colada, and strawberry
Al Waha - Orange Cream,
Starbuzz- Chocolate mint

ive noticed that alot of my friends migrate towards these flavors... however i dont like letting them smoke my al waha... i think its way to powerful for most of them since the buzz from alwaha kicks my ass and i smoke like half a pack of cigarrettes a day...
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