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Originally Posted by persianpimp730 View Post
i cleaned all this off and scrubbed but there are those same bump things in the base of my cleaning brush cant reach it and i dont wanna smoke till i throughly clean my hookah...
To get the vase, use crushed ice with coarse grain salt(do not add water). The salt binds to the ice to act as a brillo pad. Just swish the mix around in the vase until the mess is gone. Then just rinse. When I worked in food service we used this to clean all the coffee and tea stains from brew pots. Also salt works as an anti-bacterial so double effect. Then after that I suggest, as Scoop did, an alcohol as a disinfectant(to kill what the salt will not). You can use cheapass straight vodka, is what I use on when homebrewing. G'luck to you!

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