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Default Super Dooper Vase Cleaning Method

Ok, i dont know if you guys ever had a problem, but one of my vases started getting a line of grime where my water level usually sits at. It was slightly noticeable at first, now it was dirty brown and the ring was getting bigger (wish i took pics).

I tried using everything for it. Beer, water, lemon juice, baking soda, salt, rubbing alcohol. It never removed the ring of dirty and it kept pissing me off (it was also at point where the vase curves in, and the brush couldn't actually rub against it).

So I tried the last thing i could think of...CLR. i added a little CLR, some epsom salt and a bunch of cold water. Then i put in the brush and started shoving it in back and forth till all the clr turned into a white foam. When the foam kept building up, i noticed that it was eating away at the ring. I did it for 5mins, cleared it out, washed it over and over again.

The vase is spotless and looks amazing. Just in case anyone had a similar problem...CLR that bitch!

edit: Be careful, use gloves with CLR and make sure its a vase brush you dont really care about, or will use for this process, it literally eats away at the brush.
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