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Default Re: MYA furthers Micro Hookah line

i dont know about you but while mini hookahs are great at times when your traveling personally i dislike them more. a mini one is great as i said for traveling, you can smoke and drive if you wanted to or you could take it somewhere and have it setup easily and it not take up much space in your car or at where you want to smoke at. at the same time i find they get harsher easier than a larger one.

i would rather have one that i have to strap onto the top of my car to take wherever i wanted to take it out (imagine trying to smoke that while driving haha) than have a mini one. i find them to be harder have it go harsh on you and its also a cooler smoke. i smoked out of PP's mya a few days ago and it smoked fine but it was a bit to warm from what im used to. then again i throw every part in the freezer and have 4 hoses i switch between to make sure its cold for 1hr+. i have to say my saying is very bias because that was something of going to someone elses place to smoke rather than smoke at your own place.

Now who is up for getting a KM!?!?!
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