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Default PimpYourHookah order help

Whatsup guys, new to the forum, not to hookah shmoooking. I just ordered a MZ Perpetual River from PYH and I haven't received anything beyond a membership confirmation email when I registered. Since ordering, my mouth waters every time I think about all my new stuff mmmm shisha.

I've tried calling and the operator (do they share offices with Starbuzz??) just tells me that he rarely comes into the office these days, but she'll leave him my message. I've tried the online form on the website, but I'm not sure if it actually goes through since the website is suuper slow. <-unless thats just my intermittent comcast connection sucking a big one

I'd just like to know it's actually on its way and my money didn't get sucked into a black hole of the hookah gods, lost forever. A tracking number would be nice too. Anyone know any better ways to contact this guy?


O yea, - I also ordered an nammor hose, some coals, a charcoal holder, shisha, and a funnel bowl from hookah-shisha. MMMM. Just the hookah from PYH - does anything come with it? or just the basic bowl and a cheap starter hose I assume.
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