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Default Re: questions about mixing fluids

Originally Posted by xsmokethisx View Post
i have heard all over the place about using other fluids than water in the base.

but i hear of so many different ratios. (I.e. 1:1 if its semi transparent, 2:1 (water/other fluid) if you cant see through it at all, straight if you can see right through it.)

i know that is a bit confusing, but if someone can give me a basic run down of mixing, cause i have wanted to try vitamin d milk, but i wasnt sure how much milk:water. or if even to mix it.

thanks alot guys.

You might have better luck with cream and water mixture. I heard it is not as iffy as milk when its diluted with some water. It is all personal preference. If you want to do milk then by all means go for it. Personally I might use some half and half with a pint of water or something. That way it wouldn't get all up in my hose. I hope this helps! Happy Smokin!
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