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Default Re: MYA furthers Micro Hookah line

Well I know that when I have spoken about myas else where i've been condemned as elitist but i've got a lot of experience to speak from and I know a lot of people that used myas before before moving on.

Basically, Mya is focusing on miniature stuff more and more as time goes on and it's clear to anyone that has compared mini with full sized rigs knows that the small rigs smoke hotter and harsher and convey less flavour. The increasingly gaudy styling they have adopted shows me they are focusing ever more on the head shop market.

The real problem with Mya is not size but quality. The glass and pyrex are poorly made and while the are stems shinny they also tend to corrode much more often then arabic made products and they never as good air flow and valve designs as anything I've bought.

What I find so strange is that once you get away from mini rigs the cost of a mya is as much or higher then most high quality Egyptian or Syrian rigs.
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