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Smile My 1st Hookah, 1st Pineapple Phunnel

Picked up my new friend from the post office today. To celebrate my induction into the hookah world, I wanted to try something different for the first bowl. This is what I came up with. A local grocery store has some mini pineapples on sale, humongous Fuji apples, and Tuscan melons. I decided to start with the pineapple. After viewing multiple videos and searching the forum, it seems the biggest downfall of using fruit is the drainage of the juices into the chamber. The phunnel design neatly elimanates this problem. I started off by cutting the pineapple with my electric serrated knife about 6 inches above the base. I then used the cordless drill with a 1/8" bit to make a pilot hole through the core. After measuring the stem of the hookah, I used a half inch hole saw from the bottom to make the lower connection. Switching over to a 1 inch hole saw, I drilled down 2 inches from the top using the pilot hole as a guide. I love my power tools. Using a sharp paring knife, I carved out the interior to make the bowl.

The bowl was loosely packed with 50 grams of double apple and wrapped in a double layer of heavy duty foil. Methinks that this bowl is definately suited for a large party. We started with 3 Solex coals, could barely get any smoke. More is better, so after bumping the coals up to 6, the smoke started flowing. We blew smoke rings, smoke bubbles and had an excellent time. After 2+ hours, a change was needed. After pulling the foil off, it was obvios that there was a lot of smoke left in the bowl, so the Pinapple Phunnel was wrapped and put in the freezer.

Time for the hottub. Second Bowl. Large clay packed with spearmint. Only 1 coal was needed to produce billowing clouds. There is something special about floating in hot water and puffing. A good night was had by all.

I wish to thank all the members of this forum who have contributed their experincce and knowledge, my first nights success is directedly related to your expertise.

Fly Low and Smoke On
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