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Default I gave a hookah to one of my "bosses"

I was in on Fri pickin up a job to install and somehow I got on to hookah and did the whole explaination thing.

She was intrigued and asked what the startup for it is..... I told her I was headed to market for supplies and I would give her a hookah out of my collection. She kicked in $30 and I picked her up some Marlett (she was intriqued by my description of it) and some 50gm samples as well as some rolls of coal, some nats and some fingers.

The rig I gave her was a cobbled together egyptian 2 hose.... I tossed her in an extra bowl in case of breakage.

Gave it to her yesterday at work and explained the basics and pointed her to the forums if she needed to fill in the gaps.

Maybe another hookah smoker to be.
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