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Exclamation PYH Announcement

Hey all…..

Well… I’m not too sure how to start this but here I go….

I understand a lot of you have been aggravated with the way PYH has been running… and in all honesty I am disappointed in my self as well… I have been dealt an awful set of cards this past 2 months or so… some may understand and some may not… and as always I am they type of person to make things right what ever it takes… I have not been at my office in quite some time… the orders that I did receive were in the past few weeks were delegated to my employees who have been running the show while I have been taking care of what needs to be done…. So I am truly sorry for the delays and uncertainties I have caused you all. If in some kind of “Christmas Miracle” lol you can forgive a human being and not judge so harshly it would be greatly appreciated… I have gone to such many lengths to keep customers… I have driven a hookah to customer my self in the middle in the night just because it was late and she had a party she wanted to take her new hookah to…

As for those of you who have questions sent by emails that I have not yet replied to I didn’t for get…. I get an average of 150-200 questions a day.

If any of you have a question what so ever feel free to call my cell (714) 232-6607 this is the absolute best way to get a hold of me…

-Bilal Sherif-
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